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Lining Types

Our Thoughts

Unlined sheer curtains are very popular at the moment – a lining can be used, separate, behind the sheer curtain to close at night. To have a quality finish and added protection for your fabrics, curtains should be lined. Selecting the right lining depends on your needs.

Blockout Lining

Blockout has the following benefits, but adds to the overall cost of your curtains:

  1. We work with a 100% blockout that is fully washable – available in white and cream.
  2. It blocks the sun in summer, keeps the room cool and adds a layer of insulation from the cold in winter.
  3. You may find it mutes sound.
  4. A huge benefit for adults that are light sleepers and children’s rooms.
  5. Blockout lining protect the curtains from UV rays and the curtains life span is extended.
  6. Your curtains will have an added fullness to the finished look.

Polycotton Lining

Polycotton lining is a basic lining that is mostly used for ready-made and custom ready-made curtains

  1. It is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% cotton..
  2. No shrinkage and does no crease.
  3. Lightweight – offers some protection to curtains.
  4. It is the most affordable lining option.
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